After a thrilling opening performance with the song named “Spring’s whispers”, Mr. Tuan Le delivered his opening speech to welcome and express his appreciations to all partners, subcontractors, suppliers and TUAN LE’s staff members.

Family Night – a night for TUAN LE FAMILY, took place enormously cozy at While Palace Convention Center. The party was filled with joyful moments, happy smiles, sincere feelings of the company’s partners and staff members, who have always believed in and stood together to contribute to the success of TUAN LE.

In the cozy atmosphere of the night, Mr. Tuan Le delightedly share his feelings and important milestones that the company has achieved in 2016:

  • From having 15 people in the first-year end party in 2009, TUAN LE could have a party with 300 people in 2016.
  • TUAN LE had triple our revenue in one year, expanded our projects from the North to Southern Vietnam.
  • TUAN LE made great progress in our capability by delivering a project valued at 25 million USD within 8 months at high quality standards, achieved 2 months ahead of schedule and free of lost time injury.

We believe with our great efforts and commitments, TUAN LE would be able to growth better and stronger, being an organization with international standards in the construction industry.