Continuing to promote the company spiritual culture with family values, TUAN LE welcomed October 2019 with a team building event in the beautiful city Nha Trang.

The event gathered more than 150 members from all departments and projects, demonstrating the care of the Board to the spiritual life and at the same time promoting collective value, creating motivation and strengthening solidarity for all TUAN LE members.

Starting the 3-day-2-night journey by train, everyone was welcomed in Nha Trang with beautiful weather and delicious special food of Central Vietnam such as fresh seafood, grill spring rolls, jellyfish noodles, etc.

All members had chances to enjoy many exciting activities including hot spring batch, scuba diving, snorkelling as well as healthy team building games on the beach such as Passing Water, Giant Wheel, Soccer. Joyful laugh, passionate hearts, tight fists, the spirit of work hard – play hard, were all blended into the vibrant and uniting atmosphere throughout the journey.

TUAN LE 2019 Team Building ended successfully with happy and memorable moments for everyone and again, demonstrating our company value in working, sharing and success together. We are family.