To look back on our achievements in the past year as well as welcome a new year coming with new challenges and opportunities, TUAN LE organized a warming year end party at While Palace Convention Center on 31st January 2016.

The party brought together the presence of our clients, consultants, partners and all TUAN LE’s staff members and family.

The annual year end party is not only an occasion for TUAN LE to strengthen our business relationships with partners but also brings great opportunity for all TUAN LE’s family members to gather together and for the Board to share thoughts on our goals and efforts, what have been achieved, what needs to be achieved, then together we move forward, join hands in building TUAN LE as a more professional and stronger organization.

“If a dream is visualized by one person, it might just be a dream. But if it is the dream of many people, it will certainly come true.” – said Mr. Tuan Le, who gave his meaningful messages to all staff members at the party.