All members of the TUAN LE Family have gathered for an extremely meaningful and emotional year-end party on January 6, 2024.

With the message “Reaching Further”, the party is not only an opportunity for all Tuan Le members to enjoy special moments together and celebrate the achievements attained in the past year.

The Company’s Board of Directors honored and awarded outstanding individuals, department and project team who have made significant contributions to the company’s development.

Furthermore, the party was also a moment for all members to raise glasses to welcome the new year with determination and hope for the brilliant development and “reaching further” of each individual as well as the Company in 2024.

Besides, all members were exceptionally thrilled and happy to participate in exciting mini games and lucky draws with attractive prizes throughout the night.

The party ended in a vibrant music space where everyone was singing, dancing, giving each other hugs and warm smiles. Those are precious moments and wonderful memories for each Tuan Le member.